­Aaron Krach works with people, books, rocks, text, vodka, and frogs to make books, sculptures, prints, mail art, and installations. He exhibits in galleries, book fairs, and public spaces in cities large (Sao Paulo, NYC) and small (Lake Ohrid, Macedonia). More often his work is found in newspapers and email, on T-shirts and bookshelves. His first novel, Half-Life, was published by Alyson Books. His most recent books range from found object maximalism to photographic essentialism: Found on eBay and Printed in a Book and 6 Place d’ Lena Axis Mundi, both 2017. His book “Almost Everything (Dark Pools),” from 2015 combines machine-printing and hand-made elements to transform a 1977 Mies Van der Rohe catalog from MoMA into a shadow of the utopian original. Every year he sends out a calendar as mail art. He likes bubble water, also known as seltzer. And he is a two-time recipient of a Lower Manhattan Cultural Grant for Public Art. If you want to see a details resume/CV, email him.